1. How can I place an order?

Simply take the cursor to the product categories in the top line at the top of the webpage. After the menu scrolled down, you can refine your query search by further clicking. Select product, colour, size and cart button. If you are not sure about your size, look at the size chart info. If you finsihed your purchase, go to the checkout. If you registered, enter with your password or give your data, delivery address, delivery type, way of payment, and order. If you selected payment by bank card, PayPal's secure page comes up, here you should enter card data and then click on pay button.

2. Delivery times and fees

Delivery time to European countries: 2-4 days - Outside Europe: 1-2 weeks.

Europe Outside Europe
up to €20 € 8 up to €20 € 8
up to €40 €  9.5 up to €40 € 13
up to €125 € 13 up to €125 € 13
up to €180 € 15 up to €180 € 15
Over €180 - Free

3. What happens if I am not at home on delivering the package?
Delivery is repeated or a notification is left (depending on the country) and you can receive your package at the local post office.

4. Where, in which country should the import customs be paid?
Outside the European Union. Its rate varies by countries. If you live outside the European Union, you should get informed about the rate of the custom in your country.
5. How can I know when my package is sent?
We send the package on the day after placing the order. We send a notification e-mail on sending the package.

6. I meet a lot of people, I live a social life, I need clothing advice. How can I ask for the Stylist's help?
Be a preferred customer. The Stylist is always ready to help you. If the sum of your purchases exceeds 150 Euros, you automatically become a preferred customer with special offers:
Surprise just for you!
Stylist helps your style,
fashion, make up, hairstyle, clothing advice.

7. How can I select my size correctly?
Simply you should know your height and weight!
Based on these you can select your correct size from the chart given. ONE SIZE products generally fit 2-3 sizes.

8. What should I do if the product has a manufacturing fault?
Do not try on and we replace it!
After unpacking look at the product and if you can see that it has a manufacturing defect, put it into the packaging and do not try it on since we are unable to replace it because of HYGENIE among others! Write or call us. Every time we can replace the product in the original packaging.
In this case the delivery is free for you.
9. In what cases can I have a replacement and how?
Replacement is available in case of incorrect size or colour. Every time you contact us, please give your order number. Give the reason why you want to have a replacement, the correct size and the product. In our reply we inform you if the product is on stock, and you can send the product back only after you received our reply. Only in the original packaging along with the invoice if the product was not tried on. In this case the customer is to cover the delivery cost.
10. Can I try the tights on?
Only if you are convinced that the product is faultless. Because after trying on, washing or rinsing we cannot replace the product. World Trend Kft. claims for compensation for damages caused by any not intended use.

11. Does the shop have a Fashion Blog?
Yes. In a blog written by the Stylist we regularly inform you about international and fashion news ,the current tights fashion, colour trends, star news and we provide you with specialties, fashion news in a    special way from which you can dress up as well.
If you want to read this every time, you can find Stylist blog menu on the main page; every month we send you the latest blog if you subscribed to the newsletter.

12. What are the advantages if I subsribe to the newsletter?
1, You get informed first about time limited sales.
2, About product category sales.                                                                                                                 
Subscription to newsletter is limited to registration. You can unsubscribe any time!

13. I cannot remember what I purchased last time?
Login and you can look at it in your account under My orders.

14. How can I pay my order?
1, Pre-payment by bank card on PayPal's site. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express. Payment via PayPal secure site. On paying you arrive at PayPal's site, you can handle the whole transaction via PayPal's 100% secure site with complete security. You are in contact only with PayPal, you can give your card number and your card security number.
2, Bank transfer to bank account
15. What currency can I pay?
What you set in the top right corner in the webshop! You can pay in Euros, US dollars, British pounds.

18. Right of withdrawal! When can I wihdraw my order or send the product back?
If the product is intact and was not unpacked, you can send it back any time in 14 days. If you have placed the order but have not received it, cancel it in writing soon. If you have received it, you can send it back in 14 days after delivery only in original intact packaging. The procurer is to pay delivery costs. We send the price to your bank account. This way send in e-mail your bank account number, BANK name and address as well as the SWIFT number.
19. Is the webshop safe?
The webshop guarantees 100% security both on the webpage and the server. The webshop undertakes to give your data to a third party under no circumstances.
20. In what cases you should write definitely?
- if the product has a manufacturing defect,
                     - in case of replacement,
                     - if you have not received the package and 21 days elapsed from the notification email arrival.
                     - On delivery do not accept a package DAMAGED physically or in other way.

21. I am dreaming of tights I cannot find anywhere, can you help me?
Yes! Write your idea, send a photo if you have one, and we will do our best to make your dream come true.

22. What should I do if the delivery is late?
You should wait for the 14th day from the notification e-mail and write only after it. We will help you! The 21st day outside Europe.

22. Dear Customer. If you have a question that you could not find here, please write us and we will answer as soon as possible. Our goal is to make our customers satisfied and happy! HAVE A GREAT SHOPPING!

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