How to wear leggings prettier?

Leggings are made of thin material, so they are not pants rather tights. Since they mostly touch your body, however there are types with baggy legs or pockets, they really show your contours. Due to high Lycra content they are elastic and flexible. 

Let’s look some tips to wear them prettier.

 Cover your buttocks, wear them with tops reaching highs or lower. The material and the pattern of leggings look nicer on the contour of the legs and thighs than above.
• They are pretty with a skirt or a mini skirt but pay attention to matching patterns and colours! Wear patterned leggings possibly with a solid skirt or dress! 
• Be careful leggings of thinner material are a bit transparent, so your bright patterned pants with flowers or lace can flatter – so you don’t want that? 
• Leggings attract attention to your legs, so wear them with nice shoes or boots to have a perfect image. If you vote for capri style, then mind your smooth legs as well! 
• Smaller patterns and darker colours, matte materials, and vertical stripes show your legs longer. 
• Ladies with thicker fleshy thighs should choose rather carefully from light colours, bigger patterns, bright colours, glossy materials since these can make them stronger. If you wear top sin bigger sizes but your legs are neat, then a baggy top, tunics and a colourful scarf hanging lower can help as well. 
• If you have bow legs, then leggings look prettier with boots. 
• Leggings used, knelt and sat a lot do not give a nice vision, after some time unfortunately the best material can loose from its tightness. They can be good for doing sports or underneath pants in winter for a long time but putting on an older item, take care that look nice. 
• In winter a pair of knit warm legwarmers is handy in between leggings and boots which should be in harmony with the colour of your hat and scarf.

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