Queen magnificence in net tights with beads

The costume like appearance of the clothes is intensified by the environment of the presenter palace. If they were characters on a life-like painting or in a theatre play. I think the bead net hiding the face is not an essential prop but with our every step we can follow queens. It is an interesting solution of the shoulders leaving the skin seen and with the beads recalling a bit of the charleston dresses in the beginning of the twentieth century. The tights in the white collection are reserved but the designer flashed a fine spangle effect, however, the tops and the collars have more emphasis. The gorgeous net finish on the fine transparent base really flatters eyes; what is more, where the net seams are decorated with beads of different sizes has an interesting 3D effect. Spots of any size are trendy this year, from micro tiny spots to giant dots what means new and interesting tights and outfits.

He will not stay in the family: he chose better than his scandalous younger brother 
While concerning his private life the younger Hemswoth brother appears on the covers with scandals with Miley Cyrus, the older brother, Chris Hemswoth and Elsa Pataky seem to form a perfect couple. They sparkled around the show Chris Hemsworth and his wife last appeared together at the premiere of the actor’s film entitled “Rush” at Toronto International Film Festival, and no doubt they were the most beautiful couple of the evening. Besides the fact that they adore each other, eyewitnesses say that they did not release each other’s hands for a moment, they both looked great. Chris Hemsworth’s masculine charm was highlighted by the vintage tailored checked suit matching the style of Elsa Pataky’s white lace dress. With a good sense Elsa swept back her shortcut pixie and chose large flashy earrings, this way the cool hairdo became fairly elegant with such a feminine dress. Happiness lasts for years Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky got married in 2010, their daughter, India Rose was born in May 2012. The paparazzi photos of the new parents seemingly happy over the clouds at that time were circulating in the world press since nothing less charming could have been shown than Chris Hemsworth resembling a Viking god of almost 2 metres holding his tiny and cute baby very cautiously. She can thank her figure to good lingerie instead of wonders The beautiful mother often appeared on the covers as well, among other things because somewhen after giving birth she regained her great shape, of course the Hollywood fashion gurus do know what her secret is. Although they do not really tell that, on red carpet events stars certainly wear bodyshaping tights. Probably Elsa Pataky’s tummy was pressed by an item like these under her pretty dress.

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