Everyday Leggings

I think solid leggings are such a popular basic item that you do not need persuasion of its advantages. They are thicker than tights but since they have no toes they can endure more use, they can make you look pretty on more occasions. If the mini is too short or if you only wear a huge T-shirt, if you want to emphasize your shape of your calves, then good solid leggings can be a great choice. Solid leggings are comfortable. They are great for sitting all day long at school or at the office, they do not release their shape and feel pleasant to touch. Either full length or Capri variation, both are fashionable. Choose from good quality and pretty solid leggings and easily vary them with colourful and patterned clothes and accessories! Chose shiny, cotton lycra and opaque leggings.

B.C. Capri 50 50 Denier Leggings
B.C. Capri 50 50 Denier Leggings
  5.50 €
B.C. Panta 100 100 Denier Leggings
B.C. Panta 100 100 Denier Leggings
  7.70 €
 Dolce Dono 50 Denier Leggings
Dolce Dono 50 Denier Leggings
  6.30 €



Everyday Leggings

Besides black leggings denim blue leggings are the most wanted ones since Everyday leggings are evergreen fashion. Many trust cotton leggings which are usually cheap but in winter warmer and thick leggings are very handy not allowing your legs freeze. Colourful and lace leggings are cool with boots. We keep lots of types; it has been told about us “Oh, you are a leggings shop since the wide range of leggings like this is unbelievable!” Colourful cotton leggings cannot be missing from any woman’s wardrobe. They are worn by young girls but with a tunic, cotton leggings even in size XL are a comfortable and sexy outfit for every age group. Important! Do not look at them as pants, the finish at the waist and buttocks are better to be hidden. For many cotton leggings are ideal, easy to handle and can absorb sweat for doing sports and free time. They are very trendy with a mini skirt or an oversize pullover as casual clothes. Choose cotton leggings! Leggings are great form of legwear for all occasions, be it wild night out, formal work meeting or a casual meet-up with friends. Take your pick from a vibrant assortment of styles, sizes and colours.Leggings are amazing comfort clothing and are easy to wear either on their own or with a skirt or dress in the daytime; try this look with different coloured leggings and basic black leggings.

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