Fishnet Hold Ups

Fishnet hold ups make you extremely attractive! If you are looking for sexy, cheeky or simply seducing thigh highs, you can find everything here: Fishnet hold ups hold ups with holes, with lace patterned garter parts for a more perfect wear. They stick onto your thighs with silicone bands, so they cannot slip, remain safe wherever needed meanwhile you can attract every sight. Fishnet hold ups are really fashionable this year, not only in black but also in decorated and multi-coloured type. Will you try them?

B.C. Incanto Rete Net Hold Ups
B.C. Incanto Rete Net Hold Ups
  10.60 €
Egeo Rete Hold Ups
Egeo Rete Hold Ups
  6.80 €



Fishnet Hold Ups

Fishnet Hold Ups cannot be misunderstood since they show you are beautiful and want to seduce, you are aware how charming you are. With boots or lacquer high heels Fishnet Hold Ups make any part of you beautiful turning you into a self-confident and wildly sexy woman. No wonder stars also wear them since this is one of the most feminine clothing items! Fishnet Hold Ups are available not only in black but lustful red for girls of Latin temperament, or innocent white for angels. Choose your own type of Fishnet Hold Ups, we recommend very many now!

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