Fishnet Tights

Are you looking for sexy fishnet tights for a wild outlook? You can choose among breathtakingly sexy black and red net tights by us. What is more, according to net size as well as material, dense fishnet tights with small holes even for everyday wear and special net tights with flowers or crystal stones for daring party outfits. And here is the latest madness, tights with holes which originally have large holes giving you a wild and very fashionable outlook! Try on fishnet tights, success is guaranteed!

Yvonne Basket netz Tights
Yvonne Basket netz Tights
  8.30 €
Linea Oro Pescatore netz Tights
Linea Oro Pescatore netz Tights
  7 €



Fishnet Tights

Tempting fihnet tights for wild and passionate occasions. Super feminine, seducing and sexy tights are great means for turning your loved one’s head! There are lots of net tights, from small holes up to the lace-like finish, what is more, a fishing net type with giant holes. Try them on, you will be a femme fatale for a night. Hole tights are the new generation of fihnet tights, a bit extreme, one of the favourites this season. If you want to be wild and trendy, this item is just for you

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