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Lace Tights

Lace tights are the beautiful feminine women’s favourite. Maybe sexy lace tights in black, or innocent or girlish white, they are interesting leaving big space for imagination. If you need a classic charming item with which you want to lift up your wardrobe, then choose from our wide range of lace patterned tights. Always have a pair of sexy black lace tights at hand if you would like to seduce or want back your significant one! It is out of question!

Marilyn Charly 20 Denier Tights
Marilyn Charly 20 Denier Tights
  8.60 €
 Lace Tights
Lace Tights
  9 €



Lace Tights

Have you seen your Favourite star in lace tights? Lace Tights are the Season’s Favourite! Attractive Offers in Tightslove webshop Lace tights are perfect for both black tie events and every day wear. They're classic piece of fashion and their versatility time tested, spotless record makes them an ideal choice nearly any outfit.

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