Opaque Hold Ups

Thick solid Hold ups – are you looking for fashionable or warmer ones? We have good news: these Hold ups represent both, extraordinarily trendy and warm at the same time. According to the latest fashion you will look trendy in small shorts and Hold ups even in winter, but if you are accidentally looking for legwarmers for cooler mornings and/or evenings you are also welcome! Thick solid Hold ups are a good choice even if you want to sit comfortably all day or you are being cold. You will not sweat in them because they fit your legs in a comfortable and safe way. Try something totally new! Thanks to the thick material thigh highs keep your legs in shape and neat. Solid Hold ups not only in black! Try colours and find the one that makes ordinary clothes vibrating and exciting and if they flash from beneath a skirt or coat, they catch eyes guaranteed. Choose from our fashionable thick opaque lace ending Hold ups supply, look sexy, daring and fashionable!

Egeo Microfibre 40 Denier Hold Ups with Silicone
Egeo Microfibre 40 Denier Hold Ups with Silicone
  7.20 €



Opaque Hold Ups

Classic Hold Ups over 40 denier of thicker material in black or colourful, or with formal finish are the winter favourites of self-confident women wanting to seduce. Thick ones with boots or ankle shoes, thigh highs remain in fashion forever. In our range you can find the world’s most beautiful brand Hold Ups of microfiber and lycra. There should be classic 50 denier thick, warm Hold Ups in your lingerie drawer; you had better purchase more identical pairs to wear them long with matching; so they are economical besides beautiful!

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