Opaque Leggings

Solid leggings made of thicker but endurable material. Fashionable items with endurable but fine finishing can be worn instead of pants all year long. Either full length or capri variation, it depends on only you how much you show of your legs! Freedom and style at the same time: capri leggings are comfortable to wear at school, at work or even walking on the beach or going to an outdoor program, you can have them as most fashionable items in moments. You can wear them with a loose top or a long tunic, they match high heels or flat ballerinas or ankle shoes. These classic cotton, bamboo,black, or colorful, opaque leggings are young, light and cool on warm days, every age group’s favourite! With pants or a warmer skirt solid leggings are a good and stylish choice in winter, they protect your legs yet they are fashionable and comfortable. You can put on an extra pair of tights underneath. Now choose some fine and stylish solid leggings and you will not get upset what to wear if suddenly going out somewhere!

B.C. Capri 50 50 Denier Leggings
B.C. Capri 50 50 Denier Leggings
  5.50 €
B.C. Panta 100 100 Denier Leggings
B.C. Panta 100 100 Denier Leggings
  7.70 €
 Dolce Dono 50 Denier Leggings
Dolce Dono 50 Denier Leggings
  6.30 €



Opaque Leggings

This year with boots it is fashionable to wear Everyday leggings over 40 denier either black or colourful. Purchase thick leggings at any rate before cold comes to be comfortable and trendy. Sexy leggings can be thick, it is not a problem if they are thick, it is a god feeling to pull on them on cool days. You can find by us widest range of size and colours at the best price. All Tights Love models are of excellent quality. Solid leggings are real basic items with which you can combine your winter clothes. If you are looking for a sexy Everyday leggings shop, you are in a good place!A great alternative to a pair of trousers and available in different levels of thickness to suit each particular occasion, leggings are the most versatile form of legwear around.

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