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Over Knee

Over knee and warm thigh socks belong to the latest fashion and at the same time they are very practical and pretty on winter days. Sexy Over knee keep your legs warm and besides that they are seducing and cool as well! They are available in well-matching colours, and with broad but comfortable rubber part, so you should have a pair of warm Over knee you can pull on your tights as well if cold arrives unexpectedly. These over knee are practical with boots and under pants; they surely protect you not to have a cold. Choose colourful patterned Over knee along the latest fashion!

 Thick over knee Socks
Thick over knee Socks
  9 €



Over Knee

Over Knee are available in warm knit style not allowing your legs cool down even on colder days. You can put on Over Knee over tights in a moment flashing them playfully from beneath shorts or a mini skirt. Excellent with boots, too. Knit thigh socks are available in many colours, you can combine them and do not forget not only teenagers wear them this year!

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