Shaping Pants

Body shaper slips of different colours and styles are available in many sizes! Body shaper lingerie slimming pants and thighs, stomach, and buttocks will look firmer and nicer! It is time you looked as you wish, and a body shaper slip is a great help in that. You do not need to worry about comfort since materials and strong laces can breathe and do not irritate your skin. Wearing a Magic girdles knickers you will immediately look fitter, thinner and firmer, fat will disappear, riding breeches will shrink and belly flattens in a moment. Due to partial strengthening’s these body shaper slips lift up buttocks into their places. Underneath clothes they can help in feeling better and looking fitter unrecognizably and secretly. Whatever type of body shaper slip you choose, longer or shorter, depends on the skirt length, you will look much prettier in anything you wear after that! Tights webshop tip: look prettier, thinner and more confident, sexy body shaper lingerie is your invisible help in that!

B.C. Okay Up 150 Denier Slimming Pants
B.C. Okay Up 150 Denier Slimming Pants
  11.80 €



Shaping Pants

Shapewear Pants helps you to look slimmer and sexy. It is unobserved underneath your clothes, however, wearing bodyshaping pants you become more ethereal and self-confident. Tights Love helps you to find slimming pants which are comfortable highlighting the buttock and belly contours where necessary. Did you know that stars are not in a good shape on their own because they wear slimming pants? In our range of bodyshaping slips you can find the one in which you look prettier!

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