Sheer Hold Ups

Hold ups are again in fashion since they can be worn in almost every age and weight group. Many say that they are much more comfortable than tights. Why to choose Hold ups? They cover only the legs, much looser and more comfortable to sit all day long. Are you looking for something only for tonight? The fine skin flashing above the tights is a little surprise for hot moments. Today’s modern and fashionable thigh highs are sexy, keeping your legs in shape where needed, and thanks to their adhering lace finishing they stay on their place safely. In our tights webshop beautiful, thin, mysterious black Hold ups, extremely endurable lycra Hold ups, or wonders with crystal stones or lace straps are available so as you could be more fascinating! Hold ups are successful with formal clothes and guaranteed in the bedroom since this sexy lingerie finishes in beautiful lace of high quality around your Hold ups. Surprise both of you with this experience: you will surely look fantastic in this item because solid Hold ups can even conceal tiny deficiencies of your legs! Tip: Always order two or more thigh highs of identical colour and you can wear them because you can match them easily!

Yvonne Plus Size Hold Ups
Yvonne Plus Size Hold Ups
  8.50 €
B.C. Marlene 15 15 Denier Hold Ups
B.C. Marlene 15 15 Denier Hold Ups
  3.60 €
Egeo Hold Ups
Egeo Hold Ups
  6.50 €



Sheer Hold Ups

Classic thigh highs below 30 den of thinner material which can touch your legs more beautifully! There are no Hold Ups looking nice on you whatever size you are! It depends on you what effect they have: classic, sexy, colourful and fashionable, or modest girlish? All of them are of excellent quality, unique Hold Ups with which you can intensify the effect with flashing or hiding your thigh. You can also find wedding Hold Ups Everyday white, or lace Hold Ups for that great day. Highlight and show your beauty!

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