Silver Fiber Antibacterial Diabetic Socks

Silver Fiber cotton socks help to keep your legs fresh and healthy even in closed shoes. They are available in pleasant well-matching colours. Medical socks without rubber, antibacterial socks are comfortable and practical for every age group. Highly recommended for diabetes people

 Silver yarn Diabetic Socks
Silver yarn Diabetic Socks
  13.60 €



Silver Fiber Antibacterial Diabetic Socks

Silver antibacterial socks stops leg odours and are pleasant dry feeling for legs during all day long. Special cotton material helps and they are known as medical socks. These socks of special pure cotton are excellent for legs willing to be swollen since socks without rubber are not tight, do not push the legs or halt circulation. Both men and women can wear silver antibacterial socks; we recommend them in nice and well matching colours. Change your traditional socks for silver socks!

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