Socks Clip

Socks clips are the forgetful homes’ saviour! You can wash all socks matching with socks clips, without mixing at all, boring selection or a single item somewhere. There are some small but smart tools, I know these are not big things but they serve your everyday convenience. Purchase a set of sock clips and you have solved the problem of washing and matching socks easily. Made of strong and endurable plastic your socks clips will serve you long. Do not forget to purchase socks matching clips, and there will be an order among your socks, even among your family’s socks!

Roddy Socks matching clips
Roddy Socks matching clips
  8.60 €



Socks Clip

Every family is of great help! Before washing your socks, and socks should be paired with clips et it be strengthened. After washing, the clips saved a lot of time by not having to search through a different pair of socks. Try and order right now!

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