Support Tights

Compression tights protect the veins themselves in your legs invisibly! Prevent the ugly and dangerous varicose changes on the thighs, on your calves above the ankles. Nice and fashionable support tights may guarantee comfort and make movements lighter all day long in case of slight varicosity. They are not medical devices but a useful and practical fashion item. They can be worn underneath pants unnoticed. They make your legs relax and unpainful keeping them up, support leg veins and help in preventing the occurrence of vein occlusion. If your leg becomes swollen in your shoes in the evening you can feel more comfortable with these compression tights. If you fly or go on a longer journey by train or by bus, wear compression tights all day! Have some pretty and comfortable compression tights in your wardrobe so as your legs have the care they deserve!

Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Plus Size Support Tights
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Plus Size Support Tights
  8.60 €
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Support Tights
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Support Tights
  7.50 €



Support Tights

The advantage of Support tights against traditional tights is that they do not allow legs become heavier and swollen even in a workplace where you have to stand all day long. Compression or varicose tights keep your legs in shape easing your veins, so they can be used in a fashionable form besides being medical Support tights. Besides varicosity they are beneficial during longer journeys, flights, there being varicose tights, or Support tights, you can find lots of quality medical tights!

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