Support tights /Medical

Support tights or varicose tights,support socks which are more fashionable and make your legs relax. If your leg becomes swollen in the evening or perhaps some varicose changes appear you should get some compression tights without hesitation! They are not medical devices but fashionable accessories which can support the circulation of the lower limbs, make your legs relax and unpainful. Support tights, varicose tights can mean a great help for those working and sitting where veins are overloaded due to lack of exercise. They can make the days lighter and more relaxing for those who stand a lot if they support their legs with support tights. They are worth wearing underneath pants. Do not wait until more serious problems appear, support tights or support knee high socks can help a lot – and they are not flashy. No-one notices them underneath pants because they are very comfortable! Before a longer flight get a pair of compression or support knee highs socks by all means and wear them on the plane and during the day of the journey even if you are young and not slightly overweight at all! Prevent varicose problems! Fashionable and comfortable support tights also in bigger sizes!

Wowerat Compression  cotton knee socks
Wowerat Compression cotton knee socks
  7.90 €
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Plus Size Support Tights
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Plus Size Support Tights
  8.60 €
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Support Tights
Emy Relax 40 40 Denier Support Tights
  7.50 €
Pompea Perfect 70 70 Denier Support Socks
Pompea Perfect 70 70 Denier Support Socks
  12.50 €



Support tights /Medical

The advantage of Support tights against traditional tights is that they do not allow legs become heavier and swollen even in a workplace where you have to stand all day long. Compression or varicose tights keep your legs in shape easing your veins, so they can be used in a fashionable form besides being medical Support tights. Besides varicosity they are beneficial during longer journeys, flights, there being varicose tights, or Support tights, you can find lots of quality medical tights!

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