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How to wear leggings prettier?

We offer a lot of leggings and in every style you can find what you need. Many ask what the most fashionable this year is? Well, we can just say that leggings are a type clothes the fans of every style can adapt into their wardrobes depending on the way of wearing and the accessories. They are comfortable and fashionable for every age group and size. Yet we have collected some tips to bear in my mind of wearing leggings:

Shine like stars: new metallic fashion has already reached tights

It seems we should not wait until winter this year so as the trend using shiny metallic colours usual at that time. Stars have already sprung into metallic materials now, and we are glad because it is a great occasion to lift up our wardrobes with fashion leggings with sparkling crystal stones as well as tights with overlay patterns.

Queen magnificence in net tights with beads

Alexander McQueen’ fall/winter collection presented the whole magnificence of Elizabethan England. Tights decorated with beads and plastic patterns had a key role, so after this the famous crinoline skirts became shortened allowing thick platform and stick-heeled shoes seen as well.

Very daring! Currently slim Christina Aguilera puts on sexy red shorts

Very daring! Currently slim Christina Aguilera puts on sexy red shorts
Christina Aguilera of a golden throat more frequently appears in magazines thanks to her weight rather than her songs. In fact the singer started an incredible yo-yo, sometimes she is in her superb shape while sometimes she lets herself go so as you cannot even recognize her. Of course there would not be a problem with excess weight even if she felt well, however, the real case is she prefers her slim shape and this time she certainly wears much sexier items. She put on these red shorts right after her spectacular weight loss, and she could not choose a cooler outfit in which she could flash her pretty legs.

This is the latest fashion in Hollywood: stars wear patterned tights

A new madness conquers Hollywood. It seems at last celebrities known for their cooler styles also discovered that not only is somewhat sexy that is deeply open down or open up to the thighs, sometimes the charm of an item makes the whole outlook cheekily piquant. Both Rebecca Ferguson and Kiera Chaplin voted for the charming ribbon version which has a pinch of French ingredients, no wonder the latter one last wore this nice lingerie at a party taken place in a gallery in Paris. The patterned tights were liked by Kloe Kardashian known from her not too reserved style who at a red carpet event replaced the panther patterned leggings for much more modest but sexy patterns. Tights decorated rich in hearts is a great choice for those who are not afraid of flashy clothes yet they would not like to have a stereotypical solution and give more to fantasy.

She undertakes a short skirt! Vanessa Hudgens is having a festival in it

She undertakes a short skirt! Vanessa Hudgens is having a festival in it
Here comes the festival season which makes us puzzled what to wear to endure the dance all day, the hard surface and sitting on the grass yet prettier than a military item. Vanessa Hudgens did not make a problem out of it and at the popular Coachella festival she undertook an amazingly short mini dress, rather she seems to go for the eclectic style because she matched sexy thigh highs and rubber boots to her outlook. Wearing tights at a festival is not a bad idea at all since a real quality item of strong material stands daily challenges meanwhile bringing an individual style even to the simplest festival outfit. What is more it needs really little space and makes shorts outfit warmer so you do not have to worry even if the weather is a bit outcast on any day of the party.

Who looks nicer in these cool tights? Paris Hilton and Rihanna posed in the same tights

The two troublemakers of celebrities showed how to wear and not to wear the same pretty and sexy tights. Both Rihanna and Paris Hilton probably discovered the sexy item imitating thigh highs and a long gusset, and both ladies pounced on this special lingerie. This will not cause a problem anyway since these tights are young, cool and sexy; they match the personalities of these ladies but Rihanna recently selected among the best-dressed celebrities could not really find now what matches these tights. Gold, jeans, flag and fur are a bit too much together although these tights have a character on their own. If this was not enough, the singer wore this outfit in a trendy restaurant in London. Of course there was a slight chance to meet the Queen, it was a bit of luck that it could not happen anyhow because Queen Elizabeth could get rather a heart attack at the sight of the outfit going for a festival. Well, Rihanna has not been famous for observing any rules.


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