General terms and conditions

1, General introduction
2, Presentation of the product range
3, Order and registration information
4, Ordering process /Searching and purchasing in the shop/
5, Delivery and payment information
6, Right of withdrawal, proceedings and consequences
7, Claim for replacement
8, Other important information

Both the operator and the owner of the webshop World Trend Kft /hereinafter Operator/.By placing an order via this address according to the conditions written in this document a contract has been concluded between the operator of the webshop and the person placing the order.

This document /hereinafter General terms and conditions/ contain regulations concerning customers registered on our website /hereinafter customer or user/. On registration, logging on to the website and using other functions of the website user agrees to be bound by the General terms and conditions.

Contract language:

Webshop language:

The webshop only deals with retail sales. However, we serve theatres, isntitutions at retailer's price, viszont tétel számtól függően kedvezményesen . In this case please contact us.

If you wish to be a customer, and an active user of our webshop, please read carefully our General terms and conditions, and solely in case you agree to be bound by every single point!

This agreeement is not about to be registered, but is made exclusively in electronic format, and later cannot be searched back.

In case of questions concerning webshop operations, ordering, delivery and payment process opportunities you can contact us in any form given! The Operator has the right to modify the General terms and conditions at any time even without any notification.

Company details:

Company name: World Trend Kft

Site: 4 Petőfi Park, Makó 6900, Hungary

Company registration number: 06-09-019927

Tax number: 24265739-2-06

OTP Bank account number Ft

OTP Account number Euro

Telephone: 3630

E-mail : info@

Presentation of the product range

Products presented here are not only available in the webshop but also in our shops.

Products offered:

    Tights, Leggings, Bodyshapers, Bodystockings, Gloves

Prices of the products presented here are gross amounts including VAT according to law!

Order and registration information

Purchase on the website is available only after registration and login.

Giving your personal data on the information sheet here is mandatory. You are asked to give data essential only to the purchase. We handle them with confidence and do not forward them to a third party, see below at
declaration of data management.

The operator can send users some Sales news, a Newsletter concerning the Stylist blog to the e-mail address they gave at registration if they subscribe to the service (of Newsletter). You are asked to give your phone number due to a notification about delivery and only to serve you in a more comfortable way.

The operator has the right to refuse the application for registration without reasoning or to cancel a formerly registered user's registration without a prior notification and reasoning in case the user has an amount still owed to the provider and the payment has not been made in 8 days.

Ordering process

Searching in the webshop

You can have a look at the products in the webshop by clicking on Tights categories vertically at the top or on Socks on the left hand side. If you click on the product category selected, you can find subcategories from which you can select those you are interested in. By clicking on it the products in the given category appear.By clicking on a product you can get to the own site of that product.For every product you can have a look at the whole description detailed as well as the price, size, the ceolour and other characteristics.You have the chance to search by an important character of the product only by clicking on the "SEARCH" icon.

Purchasing in the webshop

To purchase in our webshop, first you should register on the main page by clicking on the "REGISTRATION" button. If you are our registered customer, you can login by clicking on the "LOGIN" button. If you are a registered customer but forgot your password, please use our "Forgot your password?"! If you eneter your e-mail address, we will send you your password in an e-mail.


    Put the product you wish to purchase into the "cart" in the colour, the size and the amount selected.

    If you want to put further products into the cart, you can do it with the same steps.You have the chance to modify the amount of the order or cancel the given item. If you finished your purchase, gong ahead you can select from the ways of delivery (further information about possible delivery ways is below), then going ahead you can select among payment options the most suitable for you. If you continue, you can get to the acceptance of your order where by clicking on the "ORDER " button you will send your order to our shop. After placing an order you receive an automatic notification e-mail from our webshop about the acceptance and the details of your order.


    Your package is started on the next workday after placing the order. There is no delivery on Saturday and Sunday, we start package of the orders placed at the weekend only on Monday. Placing orders on these days delivery times are counted from Monday morning.

    Package deliveries to homes are conducted by International Post Office.

2.Delivery times and fees

Delivery time to European countries: 2-4 days – outside Europe: 1-2 weeks



Outside Europe

up to €20

€ 20

up to €20

€ 28

up to €40

€  20

up to €40

€ 28

up to €125

€ 28

up to €125

€ 35

up to €180

€ 28

up to €180

€ 35

Over €180 Free


You are asked to examine the package on delivering in front of the courier, and in case of damages observed on the packaging do ask for writing a report and refuse to take the package. We are not able to accept a post-delivery complaint without a report! Contact us.


2, On selecting Transfer to bank account you should start the transfer in 3 days! IMPORTANT! Give the order number on your transfer!!

In this case we can prepare and start your package only if the amount of money arrived!

3, Our delivery prices are gross amounts including VAT!

PAYMENT OPTIONS: 2 different payment options are:

1, By bank card through PAYPAL's safe and secure site!

2, By transfer to the webshop owner's bank account.


In the webshop you can pay in Euros, US dollars, British pounds.


1, By bank card through PAYPAL's secure site!

2, By transfer to the operator's bank account.


The customer has the right to withdraw the purchase after placing the order but before delivery.

You can indicate this on the phone or in e-mail. In this case the customer is not obliged to pay any costs.

Right of withdrawal, proceedings and consequences:

If you wish to withdraw your purchase after the delivery of the package, you should do the following:

The first and the most important step is to contact us for fast action to inform us about your intent to send the item back.

The customer can withdraw the purchase in 14 workdays after delivery without a reason. Government Decree No 17 of 1999 (II.5.) on Contracts between distant parties is about its proceedings.The customer is to have the right of withdrawal from the day when he received the product.

According to the regulations the customer is to care of sending the product back.

You are to send back the product intact in the original packaging with the invoice to our address as a registered post.

On exercising the right of withdrawal the cost of sending back the product to the Operator should be paid by the customer, thus packages sent back post-paid or with excess postage!

We would like to raise our customers' attention that we will not accept any used, tried products and packages sent back without a receipt or invoice!

If the product is intact and was not used and tried on, our company shall send the total price of the product to your bank account, in 30 days after the product had arrived.

If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, you can indicate it in either contact form.

E-mail: info@

Phone: 36


Here are two most frequent options for replacement guarantee for the products purchased in our Webshopban:

1,The product has a manufacturing defect,

After unpacking the product you find for example that it has a defect of material, or sewing incomplete or simply has a hole or if you find any defect on the product, please bend it into the original packaging, DO NOT TRY IT ON and do contact us. We will replace it in 14 workdays after delivery! The date of delivery is proved by the POST OFFICE delivery list. If after complinace you send back the faulty product complete packed into the original foil, without trying on to our address as a registered post, WE will send you the replacement product in 14 days and cover your expenses of the return in 30 days by bank transfer. If the product is out of stock (and the replacement is not available), there is an opportunity to have the money back guarantee. In this case the money back guarantee is applicable for delivery cost and return cost above the total price of the product. You are asked to pay attention to the fact if we have the possibility to replace the faulty product for a brand new one but you choose the money back instead of replacement, we are not to cover the delivery cost and return cost! We can accept the faulty product as registered post or package only after compliance and via Hungarian National Post since we can give the money back as return cost solely based on the fees of the registered post or package given in Hungarian National Post's official rates.

We do not accept packages post-paid or with excess postage!

2,Claim for replacement due to determining incorrect size or colour or simply dislike. The first step you should do is to contact us! We will replace the product in this case. Although the customer is obliged to cover delivery cost due to sending back and delivering the product again.

We would like to raise our cióustomers' attention repeatedly that we are able to replace a product even with a manufacturing defect only if it has not been tried on!If it was tried only once we are not obliged to replace underwear and lingerie product because of hygenie according to the regulations applicable here in Commercial law. That is why we ask you to try the product to your body if you are not sure in your size but not try it on.We do not accept packages post-paid or with excess postage here!

If the defect happened due to uncommon use, our webshop has the right to refuse the money back guarantee and have the cost due to this covered.

Other important information

The information, photos and videos here are the property of our company. These visual materials are the own intellectual property of World Trend Kft, they are not subject to copy, present anywhere else, publish for any reason! Otherwise we legally put in a claim for compensation for damages caused by any not intended use!

The photos of the products available here are their actual size.

Since the photos are not capable of conveying living colours completely, or the same photo may be seen in different shades on certain monitors, our webshop does not take any responsibility if the shade on the photo slightly differs from the original colour of the product.

    Our goal is to make our customers satisfied, happy and self-confident in the tights purchased from us!

Have a great shopping!

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